Wolf wars

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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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This article is an interesting story that speaks about the impact that has occurred by the appearance of wolves after Canis lupus wereeradicated in the 1930s, this appearance can be very exciting for the wildlife lover, but their passion isn't shared by all, this has caused many problems with people living inthe West, where there is a constant struggle between humans and wolves for food and land, people are angry about this situation, mainly the people who work in cattle, for the manyeconomic losses they have had because of the attacks of wolves to their livestock.
This situation has not only caused economic losses to people, if not also the fear of peopleleaves their homes, and they be attacked by wolves, thus forming an environment of insecurity for people.
To solve this problem, people have had to exterminate wolves, this has ledto the scarcity of this type of animal, and therefore this action has affected the nature, I think that everything has a reason, and if you delete something of this nature in thefuture will bring big consequences.
The Federal government has allowed hunting of wolves; this activity has increased government income, but also caused the decline of nature.There are environmental groups have sued the government for allowing the hunting of animals, that is until states develop a plan that includes a place where wolves can liveharmoniously, without worrying that they can be hunted.
The government must act as soon as possible, the government must find a place where wolves are not hunted down and find anotherwhere people live securely, without concern that their livestock is attacked or even endanger people’s live, must be a place where both humans and wolves live harmoniously.
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