Wonder woman

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman in English ) is a superhero from DC Comics that appears in comic books , cartoons and movies 

Wonder Woman isPrincess Diana of the Amazons. It took its name from the goddess of hunting.
Wonder Woman is a warrior endowed with superpowers. Born on an island in the Bermuda Triangle will be sent to Westerncivilization with a mission to fight fascism
His powers include flight and super strength level similar to that of Superman . It is consideredvulnerable but at a level of goddess for the rest of the superheroes as they do not age, isimmortal , has an extraordinary beauty and has the ability to appear in the garb appropriate to the needs:skater, swimmer, nurse, cowgirl.
Besides being the ambassador of the Amazons to the rest of the world, Wonder Woman possesses great superhuman abilities and gifts, granted to it by the Greek gods intheir victory.These include a magical bond that requires telling the truth and lost memory and is indestructible. Her tiara, which serves as a boomerang and a metal reflective bracelets native of theisland paradise called "feminum" proof of all types of lightning, bullets and other projectiles. She always prefers to promote peace instead of war and use persuasion rather than his super strength tosubdue the malechores.
Wonder Woman has two weaknesses: he loses his powers when it tied with her own magic lasso, and also if a man joins her bracelets so that the left immobilized as if they werehandcuffs.

Apart from his appearances in the comics, also known by a popular television series starring Lynda Carter , which was filmed between 1975 and 1979.

Wonder Woman
FeaturesWonder Woman is a warrior endowed with superpowers. Born on an island in the Bermuda Triangle will be sent to Western civilization with a mission to fight fascism

Their values and their cause...
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