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Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that facilitates the edition and design of a great variety of documents such as letters, trials, presentation cards, pamphlets, memos, financial reports, etc.., showing a professional appearance.

The objective of this practice is that you learn how to apply format into a text, a paragraph and a document. Also, you willlearn how to use the basic tools of the text processor in order to apply a professional aspect to your documents.

Text and Paragraph Format Practice

Text Format

To give format to any text, it is necessary that the text is selected. Position the pointer of the mouse at the beginning of the text and click the left button, drag toward the opposite side and you will see that the text goesselecting, drop the button when you have finished selecting. Another form is to position on the left side of the row and makes a left click with the mouse. If it is a paragraph drag downward without freeing the button, drop after you have finished selecting. If it is a word only double click over it.

1. Open the Format file
2. Save the document, File/Save As.., select one folder tolocate your file, named it with your ID number and click the Save button. It is very important to save each time you make changes.
3. Select the title “Solar System Loses Planet”, from the Home tab, select the Fonts group and look how a list is opening with all the possible fonts; find the Comic Sans MS font. Click over it and that’s all. You have changed the font.
4. While you select thetitle, choose the Font Size option, click the size 18 and the size has changed.
5. Without removing the selection, click on the Font Color and select the Blue color. Check if the color has changed.
6. Now, select the bold style from the toolbar. The text hast to change into black letters (here you can select italic, underline, etc.)
7. Now, you have to select the Center text optionin Alignment option that is found in the Paragraph group. The text should be located at the center of the established margins.
Numbers and

As you can see, to apply format into a text is extremely simple. Now, select the first paragraph and apply the following thing: Arial Font; Size 14 points; Blue Color; Italic Style; andJustified Alignment. For this activity select the Font command from the Font group. In that window you will see all the format options, select the requested changes and click the OK button; the changes have to be executed. Finally, save the changes.

Format to a paragraph

For better appearance in a document, it is necessary to work with spaces and line spacing among paragraphs, or well withalignment and indentation. Subsequently you will learn to use tools that help you to improve the appearance of your documents.
Using the previous document, execute the following:

8. Select the second paragraph of the document. From the Line spacing list in the Paragraph group, choose the second option and observe the changes.

9. To modify the alignment, indentation, spacing and spacebetween paragraphs at the same time, you can select the Paragraph group from de Home tab.

10. In the Paragraph window select: justified alignment; left indentation of 1 cm; spaced among upper and lower paragraph of 12 points, and finally choose from the spacing menu double option. You can observe all the changes in the preview box the lower part of the window.
IndentationSpacing between paragraphs
Line spacing
Special indentation

Also you can use the direct access tools to give format to a paragraph, for indentation it is sufficient to drag and drop to the left or right the icons that are in the following list. Remember to select before the paragraph if you want to give any format.
First Line Indent
Hanging Indent
Left Indent
Right Indent
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