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Wireless-G Range Expander

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How to Use this User Guide
The user guide to the Wireless-G Range Expander hasbeen designed to make understanding networking with the Range Expander easier than ever. Look for the following items when reading this User Guide: This checkmark means there is a note of interestand is something you should pay special attention to while using the Range Expander. This exclamation point means there is a caution or warning and is something that could damage your property or theRange Expander. This question mark provides you with a reminder about something you might need to do while using the Range Expander. In addition to these symbols, there are definitions for technicalterms that are presented like this: word: definition. Also, each figure (diagram, screenshot, or other image) is provided with a figure number and description, like this: Figure 0-1: Sample FigureDescription

Figure numbers and descriptions can also be found in the “List of Figures” section.
WRE54G_V2-UG-50114NC JL

Wireless-G Range Expander

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: IntroductionWelcome What’s in this User Guide?

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Chapter 2: Planning Your Wireless Network
Network Topology Roaming Network Layout

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Chapter 3: Getting to Know the Wireless-G Range Expander...
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