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Write a letter to a friend who is having a problem

Hello Christian! How are you?

I am fine, the lessons at the school are fine, we havegood teachers, I am happy too because I have finished all the exams and in three weeks from now, I will be on summer holidays, I will be ableto go the beach or the mountain, without the stress of the lessons, wake up early, it sounds fantastic no?

So I am looking forward to thesummer, but I hope that you will come some day or weekend, and you know that you can stay at home anytime!.

Christian, since you started at theUniversity, we don't see too much, so I want to write you and explain you some things and the reverse.

The last night, I went out with Sarah,we had an excellent night, she is so funny!, although she told me that she watch you last week, and explain me your economic problem too, thatyour job in “La tapita” like waitress finished last month and now you are looking for something urgently, because you don't have enough moneyto afford the house, university bills. Why didn't you tell me nothing?, you know that if we had known this, we would have helped you withoutproblems!!

So Christian don't worry about this, I am going to speak with my parents, they want to see you, and then they will help you to payyour bills.

I´ll tell you more things in my next letter

We miss you a lot Christian, and we hope to see you soon!!


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