Wuthering heights capitulo 1 resumen

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Wuthering Heights: INGLES:
He rented an old house called thrushcross grange. it was in the moors and it had a park. The housekeeper was a woman called Nelly dean. The owner of the house was Mr.heatchcliff. He lives four miles away. It was a lonely place. Mr. heathcliff was a handsome man, he wore fine clothes but he looked a gypsy. He was an unfriendly person. he lived in a house calledWuthering heights. I t was an old strong house. He went to Wuthering heights to see Mr heathcliff. He had some dogs, they tried to attack him. The weather was had, it was cold and windy. He went to see Mrheathcliff The following day. He wasn't at home. A young man opened the door. Near the fire there was a young lady and the table was ready for a meal. At last Mr. heathcliff. He wasn't pleased to seehim but he ordered to Zillah to make some tea.
Mr heathcliff said- she was his daughter in law. He said his son was dead and the young named Hareton Earnshaw was not his son. Joseph was servant Mrheathcliff. All the people who lived in this strange house hated each other.
They started arguing. He wanted to go back to thrushcross grange. But he couldn't come back alone- because it was snowing.He asked to stay there that night. Mr. heathcliff, didn't like to have a stranger in his house. He left the house immediately. The snow covered everything. He went in to the barn and took lantern.Joseph said he was stealing the lantern and sent the dogs after him- The dogs pulled him down on to the ground. Mr. heathcliff and Hareton came to Help him- His nose was bleeding. The girl took him to thekitchen. Mr heathcliff said to zillah to find him somewhere to sleep.
Alquiló una casa antigua llamada Thrushcross Grange. lo fue en los páramos y tenía un parque. El ama de llaves erauna mujer llamada Nelly Dean. El propietario de la casa era el señor heatchcliff. El vive cuatro kilómetros de distancia. Era un lugar solitario. El señor Heathcliff era un hombre apuesto, vestía...
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