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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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The truth about industrial engineering today in Colombia.

Research by the University of the Andes on the occupational profile of graduates of Industrial Engineering, published in his magazine,shows that a high proportion of them, the eldest, is now working in finance.
The simple observation of reality in the corporate sector, on which would be worth making a statistical study also validatesthat shows that there is an unhealthy competition between the Industrial Engineer and Manager, usually occupying the first, charges for their responsibility, and against their own areas of study hall,correspond to it.
That competition is recognized by the productive sector business, which looks from a distance with some disdain, and she will refer later.
Apréciense curricula of BusinessAdministration and Industrial Engineering. With the exception of a few subjects, in many cases today is difficult to distinguish clearly.
Appreciate the other hand, the trend in industrial engineeringprograms of some universities to establish within them, the "Options" or "emphasis" in areas specific to another profession, within the discretion of "interdisciplinarity". Emphasis on systems,organizations, marketing, finance, mathematical models, human resource management, etc..
Moreover, in recent years has emerged in the Colombian Universities "Production Engineering".
What do the realitiesdescribed?
In my humble opinion, that Industrial Engineering is a profession that has lost its identity, primarily because many, not all, of those who have the responsibility to direct it, but want toreach out to those who study nature, seems to consider that deep knowledge and specialize in it, is just one step in the career of Industrial Engineering must overcome as quickly as possible and makethe transition to other areas such as marketing, finance, more status, which have more projection professional and economic.
Secondly, because the business environment has not completely returned to...