Yoga para mujeres

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Yoga for Ladies Swami Satyananda Saraswati Prema Samajam, Visakhapatnam 11.2.82
The body of a woman is definitely very different from the body of a man as it has more duties to perform and greater weight to sustain. In fact, nature has given the woman's body a greater purpose to fulfil. A woman has to become a mother, and for that reason, nature has designed a special system for her. As such,yoga can help her in life. In India, particularly in the villages, women are laden with superstition and they do not take much care of their bodies. On the other hand, ladies in Europe and other western countries are very particular about their health and they look after their bodies through exercise, dieting, sports and so on. During the last thirty to forty years, people in the west have becomeaware of the science of yoga and have taken to the practices of yoga in order to maintain good health. Not only that, but because many European women desire natural childbirth, clinics and modern hospitals in Europe offer yoga training for expectant mothers.
Childbirth in India and the west

Nowadays, in India, when women are about to give birth to a child, they go to a doctor for medicine,drugs, injections and other such things. Thereby relaxation takes place and the child is born. This is called clinical childbirth. In western countries, most women do not want clinical childbirth because they believe it is not good for the health of child or mother. Therefore, a few months prior to childbirth they commence a program of yogasanas and thereby childbirth becomes easy and natural and itdoes not require clinical aid. In natural childbirth, the health of the mother and child is of prime importance and because drugs are not utilised there are no dangerous after effects. The precise reason why Indian women develop sicknesses after childbirth is because they subject themselves to the side effects of drugs and chemicals. Depression is a common malady that follows delivery and generallyit is not treated properly. Doctors have a set understanding of it, so all they do is give injections and prescribe medicines and pills.
Hormonal imbalances

Apart from factors related to childbirth, there are many other ways in which a woman's body differs from a man's. The hormonal secretions in the female body are entirely different from those in a man. Hormones are chemical substances whichinduce the various processes that occur in the body. They are responsible for causing menstruation, which of course does not occur in the masculine body. If there is any irregularity in menstruation not only are the uterus

If there is any irregularity in menstruation, not only are the uterus, the brain and the general temperament altered, but the health of the entire body is adverselyaffected. Usually, when women have menstrual disorders they go to a doctor for the administration of medicines, injections and hormones, and they try to maintain some sort of health. However, this is not a natural procedure and it does not create good health. Most women suffer from some sort of emotional or mental disturbance before, during and after the menstrual period. Only those women who are reallyhealthy do not have this problem. All physical and emotional disturbances concerned with the menstrual cycle are associated with hormonal imbalances. It is in this context that I am talking about the role of yoga for females.
Yogasanas for women's health

In actual fact, women need yoga even more than men do. Men have more chances of going out, playing sports and games, and taking a morning orevening walk. Most women are completely tied to their household duties and remain in the same environment all the time. They do not get as much time or as many opportunities for exercise as men do. Moreover, as I have already mentioned, the system of a man is less complicated than the system of a woman. Furthermore, a man does not share as much responsibility in child rearing as a woman does. As...
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