Yop y mi otro yop

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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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1 My mother work every day to give us a good future.
1 I don’t work every day because I study during the week
2 I’m working because I need cash to go out with my friends
2 My sister isn’t workbecause she is eight years old and you need 18 years old to work.

3 My mother worked like secretary for eight years with the same boss.
3 I didn’t work with my father the last Saturday because I goout with my friends
4 I’ve worked with the same boss for three years but when I change.
4 she hasn’t worked with her best friend because he study other profession.
5 I’ve been working all theday because my boss asked me.
5 I haven’t been working all the day because my son was sick.
6 I was working when my boss call me to help him.
6 I wasn’t working when my wife bring a pretty baby.
7 Ihad worked with my wife during 3 months but I had another work now.
7 I had not worked when I was 20 because I was at college.
8 she had been working like a secretary for many time.
8 she had notbeen working because her boss die.
9 I would love to work with Angelina Jolie in an action movie
9 I wouldn’t work with my wife because she disruptive me
10 I was going to work at Coca-Cola likethe boss
10 I wasn’t going to work as a sweeper I want to be doctor
11 I used to work with my father until my boss asked me to be his administrator
11 I used not to work as administrator until myboss teach to me
12 I would work as assistant and get up at 800am

13 I will work like secretary at this factory because they accepted me
13 I won’t work at this place it’s horrible and smells bad14 I’m going to work with my father this Saturday
14 she isn’t going to work at this place they say they would not let
15 I will be the boss in Coca-cola and my best friends will work withme
15 I won’t be fisher because I will work like the boss of a company
16 I’m going to be one of the persons who work at the better candy shop of the world
16 I’m not going to be another person...
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