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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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In the novel “Zabelle,” Nancy Kricorian states that difficult (horrible) time that a little Armenian girl called Zabelle and her family experience during the government of Ottoman Turkey.Zabelle lived with her parents and grandparents in a town called Hadjin, which was located at the top of a hill. One of the episodes was the departure from home to a one place that Zabelle’s familydidn’t answer when she asked. In the way for the unknown place Zabelle encounter (go through) the crude reality of see her grandfather died and leaves her grandmother in the way. Zabelle also saw heryounger brother krikor died as well her Mother. Kricorian also described how Zabelle’s family suffered for food, water and the hardness of weather. After all the scarcity she found in Ras Al-Ain a girlcalled Arsinee, whose father had a café in Hadjin. In this new town they started fight for the survived (the first idea was). They pick the barley kernels out of the horse dropping and they ate. InRas Al- Ain everybody not was allowed to speak in Armenian they had to learn to speak, to write and to read in Turkish. Girls and boys were divided and take an orphanage where their names were changedfor Turkish’s names.

Chapter two the author Kricorian described Zabelle’s experience in Aziz’s house. She met two girls Emine and Sarmin, who are working in the house as she did. Zabelle learned tocook because Ummahan, an older half- blind cook, taught her and she learned fast and well. A priest who was Patriarch of Constantinople taken Zabelle from Aziz’ house because she is Armenian and shehas to stay with her people. Zabelle met Digin Takouhi who explained to her what really happened during the deportations. She used the word massacred and was in this moment that Zabelle understoodwhat happened to them. Moreover, she would go live with Baron Der Stepanian, but first she had to visit the judge in order to determination if she is really from Armenian. The judge said that he could...
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