A little princess

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This story is about a seven year-old girl named Sara Crewe, daughter of a rich and handsome father (Captain Crewe) who lived in India with her but because the climate in there was bad for children and could cause illness they had to move, so he took Sara to England, even though he knew he will miss her, he had to go back to India to keep working.
Sara definitely didn’t likedthat place at all, it was a boarding school called “Seminary for Young Ladies” and worse of all she had to deal with Ms. Minchin, a cold-hearted woman that runs the boarding school. She does not like her at all. She spends the next few days until his departure with her father in his hotel and the two of them have a fine time spending an incredible amount of money on incredible things for Sara. Hebought her velvet dresses, muffs and most important of all for Sara was the present of Emily. Emily is a doll and she is important because she is going to be her friend when her Papa is gone.
At the Seminary Sara soon becomes like the 'star pupil'. She has her own room, a French Maid, a Pony, and other things that the other pupils don't. So every girl has curiosity about her. Fortunately Sarahas a kindly, generous disposition - and a fine temper every now and then - and she soon settles in. She helped good-hearted Ermengarde and was gentle with her because they made fun of Ermengrade sometimes, she also plays with the spoiled but lovable Lottie and helped her too, and makes life brighter for the over-worked, under-fed little scullery maid, Becky. She also becomes popular with the othergirls for her general helpfulness, her attractive character, and her talent for imaginative story-telling. And because she likes to pretend to be a Princess - they all start calling her 'Princess Sara'. There is however no chance of any sympathetic bonding with the jealous Lavinia, the oldest student at the Seminary, and the avaricious Miss Minchin; Sara, however unintentionally, makes both ofthem feel inadequate and foolish.
The years pass and soon it is Sara's eleventh birthday so Miss Minchin arranges a party for all the girls. Everyone was enjoying it, except Ms. Minchin, she was talking to Sara's father's lawyer and he said that Captain Crewe is dead of 'jungle fever' and moreover has lost his entire fortune in considering in a friend's Diamond Mine Enterprise. The friend, havinglost all the money, had apparently gone away and Captain Crewe, without a single penny to give to Sara had died worrying about his little girl. Miss Minchin at first didn’t believe the awful news and she didn’t care for Sara she just worried about the money so she decides that she will keep Sara, but as a Scullery Maid cum Slave, and immediately said the news to Sara in front of the other girls! AndSara calmly accepted and all her possessions were confiscated by Miss Minchin and she leaved her comfortable room for the horrible attic. But what is harder to take is the suddenly changed way in which people talked to her because now that she wasn’t rich they had no respect to her. She received the same treatment as Becky - she is overworked abd fed inadequately grows thinner and her clothesbecome shorter, tighter, and shabbier. She is no longer recognizable as the little girl whom everyone once called 'Princess Sara'. However, there are some things they have not contended with - Sara's indomitable spirit and her rich imagination, and the steadfast loyalty of her three friends Becky, Ermengarde, and Lotte.
These sustain her in her worst moments. But as Becky tells her, "Whats'ever'appens to you - whats'ever - you'd be a princess all the same - an' nothin' couldn't make you nothin' different."
She liked to look out over the roofs and wonders about the attic opposite her own. She observes and starts liking a family living in the Square and names them 'The Montmorencys'. The youngest son of this family, taking her for a beggar, gives her his Christmas sixpence. Sara is...
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