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* 1st paragraph: Brief introduction to the existence of trouble: I am writing concerning a number of problems occurred during... to lodge a number ofcomplaints about... to show my indignation before the trouble encountered during... our trip to Perth... a package holiday in Tonga... which we booked with you. a stay at your hotel (date). 2nd paragraph: *Introduction: admit that not everything was wrong. Although the general standard of the product was good/acceptable... Although everything happened more or less as arranged/as described in yourleaflet... * Continuation: list problems ...there are a number of details/problems/points I would like to complain about. Firstly... . Also... . Finally/To top it all... ... I am sorry to tell you that...... it is with great regret that I have to tell you that... 3rd paragraph: suggest possible solutions (and threats if required) Therefore/Due to all the trouble encountered, I believe that... we areentitled to some kind of compensation we should be reimbursed for part of the costs some kind of action for your part is required you should take steps to prevent this situation/situations like thesefrom arising in the future Otherwise... we shall put the matter in the hands of our solicitors we shall be forced to contact the authorities concerned we will have to refrain from working with you inthe future. Practice letters * Perth: - vuelo salida retrasado dos horas (two hours delayed), y no se ofrecieron explicaciones; no había comida vegetariana a bordo (on board); en el vuelo de vuelta alfinal no hubo plazas, y tuvisteis que pagar 200 para volver en preferente, y encima perdieron las maletas. Que os devuelvan los 200 dólares. * Tonga: - El autobús no apareció en el apt, y tuvieron quecoger taxis - hotel de poca calidad, muy lejos de la playa - clases de buceo sólo en inglés, y tres de los siete días el monitor ni apareció - que os reembolsen los taxis ($90 dólares) y que cambien...
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