A second chance to love you

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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Valentino was a successful Italian Architect, handsome, tall, curly haired, white skinned, and brown eyed, every girl wanted to be with him, he was almost perfect.Despite he was 30 years old he hadn’t found love yet, he believed in love at first sight. He used to say that he would know which was going to be the right women just by seeing her.

Everyday in hisway to the office he stopped at O’Malley’s Café for a Mocca Frapuccino, until one sunny beautiful day, he saw a girl. He immediately knew that she was his true love, the one he had being waiting anddreaming about since he was a kid.
She was a brunette, her eyes were the most sparkling eyes he had ever seen before, and she was extremely gorgeous. He stared at her for 10 long and perfect minutes,but he didn’t dare to approach her.

Valentino met her secretly in O’Malley’s for an entire month without saying any word. He loved her, and just the sound of her voice across the room made him happyenough to think about her for the rest of the day, wondering when would be the day when he would have the courage to tell her his feelings.

After 32 days he decided to talk to her, so he started towalk and get closer to her slowly. He was sweating and his hands were shaking like never before, his heart started to beat hard when suddenly he fainted

Valentino woke up at the Hospital 12 hourslater in the recovering room, when the doctor in charge crossed the room. It was her, his O’Malley’s girl, she was his Doctor, he couldn’t be happier. She told him; “listen you’re really lucky I wasthere when you felt down. You were in a 12 hours surgery in when you almost past out, but God gave you another opportunity. On the other hand, you have to stay here in observation for 2 weeks”.

Heimmediately knew it was the time to tell her how much he loved her, so he did it. He asked her out to dinner when he were out of there, but as an answer he got a “Valentino I’m married”.