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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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Honorable customers, Thanks for choosing products of our company. The product with world cutting edge technologies—fingerprint recognition, computer communication, as well as

microelectronics, is considered to be combination of three technologies: electronics, optics and computer communication. It is no doubt that it has become the first choice of standalone time & attendance forenterprises with its strong function and veracity. Bio-office is a sub brand of Anviz USA. Bio-office series fingerprint products combine fingerprint and traditional RFID technology. All models come with powerful background time attendance management software which can support all kinds of complicated shift and generate various reports. It is versatile, convenient and multi-functional. Please readthis user manual carefully to have an initial understanding of functions and basic knowledge of installation, debugging, maintenance, application and management to better use this product.




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Three level-up



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1. Management level-up 2. Profit level-up 3. Enterprise image level-up Three reductions 1. Employee dispute reduction 2. Work redundancyreduction 3. Environmental pollution reduction Three eliminations 1. Buddy punching elimination 2. Loss and damage elimination 3. Circular cost elimination Full function The system can realize different functions such as attendance remark, calculation and report printing. The remark can be made for reasons such as business leave, absence, marriage holiday and etc.; the checking and calculation can bemade in accordance with different time periods, departments, individual or combination due to various reasons for absence; the report generation and printing function can be realized perfectly. l F e The software supports shift on week basis, rotation shifts etc. Various shifts, public holidays, individual leave and overtime are available to meet the complicated needs of every enterprise. StandaloneThe machine can work without connecting to PC, convenient in operation and no need to occupy any extra resource. Multi-communication in network For large enterprise, multiple devices can be applied to do attendance synchronously, which will convenient for large quantity of users and save times.


Software Operation Flowchart
(Important chapter please read carefully) This software includes:System parameter, department management, staffer maintenance, shift management, staffer leave and statistic report etc. Then how to use this system in a right way? It is far from enough to understand only the function of each module but to know the connections between them and the system operation flowchart. Thus, a correct report can be generated. Software operation flowchart can be described inbrief as follows:
1. System parameter Set T&A rule, statistic rule, company name and leaving class. ee A n . el m ae s t td par n

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o ,m e d t dd 2. Department management

y , f d e d 3. Staffer maintenance

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e A d a del o m and transfer staffer. Set timetable and shift.

4. Shift management

5. Staffer schedule

Allocate staffer shift or temporary shift.

6.Record collection

Collect records from the unit or import the backup record file. Deal with business leave/asking for leave/forgetting clock in/collective late. Track, check and calculate records to generate time attendance report.


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8. Statistic report

1.When the software is run for the first time, please set parameters including company name, time attendance rule,statistic rule for early, late and overtime etc. , leave class. When the setting is completed, it is usually not needed to be modified unless the management rules of this company changes. 3

2. Normally there are many departments in one company and all departments need to be entered manually unlike the directly import of staffer. Department setting should be completed before staffer maintenance....
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