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  • Publicado : 14 de enero de 2011
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Blood & honour


I dedicate this book to the memory of our martyred heroes George Lincoln Rockwell and Ian Stuart Donaldson, the prime progandists and political innovators of the post-war NS era; to our comrades Steve “Micetrap” of whitepride.net who has conquered space for our Movement and Erich Gliebe, editor of Resistance who saved a great project and put itspriorities straight; and finally to my three very good friends, the unsung champion of propaganda warfare Marcel Schilf, the video virituose Marko “Jäsä” Järvinen and the bravest of Swedes, Robert “Info-14” Vesterlund.

Chapter 1: IDEOLOGY 4 Chapter 2: ORGANIZATION 5 Chapter 3: PROPAGANDA 12 Chapter 4: VIOLENCE AND TERROR 19 Chapter 5: THE ACTIVIST 23 Chapter 6: THE FUTURE 28

FOREWORD The simpletruth is, that despite all the going-ons in and around our so-called Movement, there are, basically, only two real reasons for the existence of that movement: 1. Bringing down the ruling old order of our enemies; 2. Building a new order based on our own principles and ideas. And the sad thruth is, that so far we have failed miserably on both accounts. Obviously, no-one can expect a slandered andoppressed idea as National Socialism to be back in power within such a relatively short period of time. After all, it took the Christians hundreds of years to win back territory after the murder of their founder by the Zionists of those days. Still, with all the efforts and sacrifices put in over the last 50+ years, one should be allowed to expect a bit more progress on the first account. But theenemy state has rather strengthened its grip than giving in to our demands or collapsing from our resistance. A main reason for our failures and fiascos is that we never really face the problem of power-grasping by getting down to discussing the HOWs. Certainly, a majority of us know WHAT we want and WHY we need it. But when it comes to the crucial question of HOW to go about it, most of theMovement´s people (both leaders and followers) retreat to the safe dreams of old and better times, fancy political interpretations, fanatic religious excerices – or simply the coszy warmth of the pub comradeship. I have been attacked as a negative pessimist and down-right anti-intellectual for pointing out the above fact. These accusations are of course pure nonsense, mainly stemming from the verypeople who were the real targets of my criticism. By all means, we need knowledge and we need arguments. But, as I have pointed out time and time again: the truth will not set you free. It never did to anyone. Freedom, like all other things in life, is won by struggle. Unfortunately, “truth” has now become too relative and is too inflatory to be of any real decisive matter in our battle. Don´t get mewrong now. I know we have truth on our side, you know it, and a lot (but still far too few) of other good people know it as well. But then what? It´s all well and good to educate our troops. But most of our people have enough basic knowledge, natural instincts, common sense and healthy aggression to understand what it is all about and why we must fight. And to put it blatently bluntly: How much dowe really need arguments? How often do we get a chance to present them? Certainly, ideally we should always be prepared to present our case. But is this really the priority? From the offerings of books and magazines within the Movement, one could be led to think that knowing the exact unmber of Jewish commissars in Lenin´s first government or what some rock “star” thinks of music, beer and AdolfHitler are the most vital things for the NS reader. And seeking our roots and rekindling our traditions... For sure! But Aryan brothers and sisters, right this minute we face physical extinction – both as a movement and as a race. And if I were to be really nasty, I´d say that this cultural hobbyism is a luxury which at the moment we simply cannot afford. Well, I´m not really that nasty, but for...
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