Chilean´s food

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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2011
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Menu of the day
Special Chilean’s Food

“Invited you to enjoy of the exquisite food that this beautiful country offers us showing the best selection of appetizers, salads, dishes of bottom,desserts and Draughts.”

Name: Nicolás Yáñez
Classmate: English
Professor: Ms. Maria Isabel
Delivery Date: Friday, November 11th , 2011
Stone Pig with Homemade Bread
The stone pig sauceis a typical Chilean.
It gest its name because the ingredientsmust
be ground in a mortar, Is prepared, garlic, salt,
green pepper and oil, but the ingredients vary
according to traditions or places where food is prepared
this sauce can be accompaniedwith homemade bread.

The chapalele or chapalele is a mass based
on boiled potatoes and wheat flour.
They are part of the cuisine of Chile,
particularly the traditional cuisine

The milcao or melcao,, is a traditional food
of Chiloé, which is prepared
by mixing raw and cooked potatoes
with other ingredients
Chilean Salad
Is the name given inChile prepared salad
with tomato and onion. Was prepared by
cutting the onion into thin strips as a feather,
and tomato into small cubes or shelled helmets.
He sometimes added a little finelychopped garlic,
cilantro or parsley, and less chili, pepper or oregano.

Celery and onions
These 2 vegetables are highly consumed 
in Chile because of  his abundance and his easy accessibility and his mix are a true  
delight for the palate.

Celery and Avocado
His green abundance and the good mix
of lemon and salt, do to this salad
one of the most prepared in houses
and restaurantsalong the country.

Main Courses
This central dish is one of the most delicious,
requested by the Chileans because of the exquisite
flavour and his accompaniments like the...
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