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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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There is a general social conviction that private education is better than the public one, although this common opinion is notthat true. People do not tend to enroll their children at a public school because they believe that the more you pay the better education you get. Despite this, there arenot schools worse than others are but there are ones with more advantages than other ones.
In private schools, facilities are higher than in public centres. Matterssuch as classroom size or gym dimensions worry parents. They believe that if the classroom size is small, their children will learn more and will acquire knowledgeeasily due to an individual treatment. Moreover, this reduction of students when teaching, allow teachers to be stricter, in other words, to be more disciplinarian.However, having better facilities is not all. It is widely agreed that the level of a public school is higher than in a private one. This fact is due to teachers who are notaccepted to get in a public school went to a private centre. For instance, if you, as a teacher, are trying to work in a public institution but the government decides thatyou are not prepared enough, then you will probably enter in a private school.
As a whole, there is a very plausible piece of disinformation and kind ofdisorientation when enrolling your children to a private or a public school. It is also remarkable that education must be equal for everyone so that people’s bases were the same.Furthermore, facilities ought not to be a matter of knowledge and class division. People should erase from their minds that only private schools provides good education.
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