I´d do anything

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Another day is going by I´m thinking about you all the time But you´re out there And I´m here waiting And I wrote this letter in my head Cuz so many things were left unsaid But now you´re gone And Ican´t think straight This could be the one last chance To make you understand I´d do anything Just to hold you in my arms To try to make you laugh Cuz somehow I can´t put you in the past I´d doanything Just to fall asleep with you Will you remember me? Cuz I know I won´t forget you Together we broke all the rules Dreaming of dropping out of school And leave this place To never come back So nowmaybe after all these years If you miss me have no fearI´ll be here I´ll be waiting This could be the one last chance to make you understand And I just can´t let you leave me once again I close my eyesAnd all I see is you I close my eyes I try to sleep I can´t forget you Nanana... And I´d do anything for you Nanana...

Pensaste, que de amor soy mendigo, que con lo que me has dado, me iba a sersuficiente, y quieres poner tus condiciones a mí que siempre he sido ladrón de corazones, hoy voy a decirte la vdd poner las cartas en la mesa tú decides si te vas, te advierto que no son solo tuyosmis besos, si me quieres me vas a tener que compartir, te quiero pero esa es la vdd no te puedo mentir, reconozco que soy sin vergüenza no puedo fingir, te advierto no soy santo y jamás voy a serlo, mehicieron para amar a mas de una mujer, no creo que tu logres algún día quitarme lo infiel, aunque pudiera vivir 1000 años aunque algún día volviera a nacer TE LO ADVIERTO….

Turn it up I neverwanna go home I only wanna be part of your breakdown She got caught by the four on the floor It picked her up and she'll never get let down And now I can't stop thinking about it All you people at the topdon't know nothing about it We don't give a fuck what the price is So just leave us to our own devices and we'll leave you alone I'll be there when your heart stops beating I'll be there when your...
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