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DANIELA MORALES. May 21st, 2012

The Girl at the Window


1. It happened in 1.815, and the main person is Grace.2. He went to fight Napoleon.
3. There are 3 people:
* First person is Grace. She’s sitting in the window and she’s waiting for Tommy.
* Second person is Tommy. He’s going tofight Napoleon.
* Third person is a painter. He’s painting to the girl at the window.
4. Grace is thinking in Tommy and her baby.
5. The women are going to find a good home for herbecause she doesn’t have a father.
6. Grace is crazy.


1. It happened in 2.001, and the main person is Sue.
2. Sue is telephoning her mum. She feels happy because she has gota new home.
3. He’s realtor.
4. I can see a picture the girl at the window. I think the house is haunted.
5. I find that house is very old, cold and dark. There’s a tree outside and Sammyis going to have a nice room with a big window.
6. True or False?
a) True.
b) False.
c) True.
d) True.
e) False.
f) True.
7. Sammy feels happy. She loves looking at thepicture.


1. It is talking Grace.
2. Match the beginnings and endings:
a) Grace doesn’t want other people to come and live in the house.
b) In the room there is apicture of Grace and a window.
c) When people come into the room, Grace blows and makes it feel cold.
d) People don’t like the cold room so they go away from the house.
e) Sammy can hear Gracetalking to her from the picture.
3. It means Satisfaction.
4. Because Grace thinks this is going to by her baby.


1. It is talking Sue.
2. She’s very angry because Mr.Price doesn’t go to house today fix wiring.
3. Because Sammy is looking at the picture when her mum is talking to her.
4. The girl at the window doesn’t want Sue taking Sammy away because she...
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