30 Oraciones De Reglamento En Ingles

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1. All students must attend classes punctually and / or all of the activities planned by the College with the respective uniform.
2. No student and for no reason will the establishment in schoolhours without permission from management.
3. Any absence from class must be justified through the agenda. Your absences from exams or important events require a personal justification of your parents.4. In case of failure to attend examinations or presentations of work right with the direction you should contact responsible academic monitoring area and your teachers the first week of your returnto school for fixing new dates for assessments. Otherwise you will lose the points assigned in this evaluation.
5. Students must respect and work with harmony, health and interests of theestablishment, for that work effectively in the school day.
6. All students must bring all the necessary equipment to start the day's work and avoid leaving the classroom to borrow.
7. Students may not be outof school, or the school without good cause and approved by management.
8. Good discipline helps conquer the best of yourself and achieves the goals:
9. The vocabulary used anywhere in anycircumstances should be gentle and respectful and not clumsy and offensive
10. It is strictly prohibited in the College or nearby, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, like parties or assistance to parties on behalf ofthe College or promotion, or bring magazines, pornographic videos, sharp objects that may damage the integrity general physics.
11. Not allowed to use Discman, MP3 or MP4 flash, phones in class timefor these instruments become distracting and not conducive to student and class in general.
12. By not complying with the standards set by the College, the student must undergo some corrective measuresby "pieces" that seek to shape it and help to mature.
13. Students occupying the gondola and receive 3 calls the driver's attention, forfeited without any claim service.
14. Scholarship students...
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