Acidos grasos

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The dolphins
Dolphin creature and humans:
The dolphin is an aquatic mammal, is famous for its beauty and its kindness towards the humans, which is considered the second most intelligentanimal on the planet earth, its distinguished by its capacity to learn, and its ability to measure the unknown size of its prey and objects by means of the propagation of sounds, and listening tothe responded echo.
It belongs to the family of Delphinidae and is considered an excellent swimmer, travels a 45 km/h an is grouped in herds of around 12 organisms.
Itsscientific name is: Tursiops truncates, better well known like the dolphin of bottle nose, but in fact this dolphin doesn’t have a nose, in its place has an orifice in the form of average moon.It measures up to 2.7 mt. its body is extended and slim, it has unites fin of great volume (tail) one dorsal (serves to maintain the balance) and other 2 pectoral fins. (In order to slide)weight between 190 and 240 kg. Its skin is smooth, shining and of dark gray color.
The dolphins lives in temperate and tropical waters, like beaches, bays, lagoons and estuaries. Thisspecies are of salt water but there is some exceptions.
with temperatures above of 45° they live in almost all the oceans of the world exepto in Australia and the Antarctic. They are in thecoast as much in deep waters.
In conclusion we can say that the dolphin is a very similar animal to the human, but in habitat and physical characteristics they are verydifferent. This is because one depends on the other, since following the habitat in which they are they are the physical characteristics or qualities that it must have and they are very intelligentand sociable.

-They are the only animal that practice sex to please.
-Never get a complete sleep.
- Each has a unique particular sound to identify itself with others.
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