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An adjective describes or modifies a noun. An adjective’s function is to answer one of these questions about a noun: Which one? The yard pond sported blooming lilies. (Yard describeswhich pond.) What kind? The yard pond sported blooming lilies. (Blooming describes what kind of lilies.) How many? The yard pond sported three blooming lilies. (Three tells how many lilies.) Whose? Theneighbor’s pond held water hyacinths. (Neighbor’s describes whose pond.) Adjectives show two characteristics. • First, adjectives characteristically can be compared. Certain endings show the comparisonsthat are characteristic of adjectives. Saundra is a tall girl, taller than her coach, the tallest athlete in the league. (Tall is the plain form of the adjective, used to describe one noun. Taller isthe comparative form, comparing two nouns, Saundra and her coach. Tallest is the superlative form, comparing three or more nouns.) With adjectives of three or more syllables, use more instead of –erand most instead of –est. pretty, prettier, prettiest; beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful • Also, placement characterizes adjectives. Adjectives usually appear in front of the nouns theymodify. A tall athlete often plays basketball. (Tall describes what kind about the noun athlete.)

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An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs function toanswer the following questions about verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs: Where? We flew home. (Home tells where about the verb flew.) When? Our vacation ended yesterday. (Yesterday tells when about theverb ended) How? The plane bounced roughly in the storm. (Roughly tells how about the verb bounced.) To what extent? The pilot fought really hard to control the landing. (Really tells to what extentabout the adverb hard; hard tells how about the verb fought.) Adverbs have two characteristic endings that help identify them: • Adverbs, like adjectives, can be compared using the endings –er and –est...
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