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Applications of Immunological Methods for GMO Detection
Symposium Internacional sobre Detección de Organismos Genéticamente Modificados 2011
David C. Rambow Agdia, Inc Elkhart, Indiana USAwww.agdia.com

Agdia Background
Agdia, Inc was established in 1981 by Dr. Chester Sutula and is located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA Built on Potatoes- Dr. Sutula worked with potato seed producers for waysto screen seed stock for pathogens Agdia introduced GMO Lateral Flow and ELISA diagnostics in 2001 Agdia products are used worldwide

Diagnostic Immunology (Lateral Flow and ELISA devices)Testing methods Immunoassay Basics Applications Validations Detectable Analytes Benefits Test Procedure Interpreting Results

Testing Methods
Adventitious Presence (AP) Testing of a bulk grainsample or seed lot for unintended genetically modified traits Trait Confirmation Test to verify if the intended trait is present in single seed/single leaf samples (Quality Assurance)

An ImmunoStrip® is a simple lateral flow device intended to detect the presence (or absence) of a target analyte in sample After the sample is applied to the test, it encounters a colouredreagent which mixes with the sample and transits the substrate, encountering lines which have been pretreated with an antibody or antigen

Immunoassay Basics
Depending upon the analytes present in thesample, the coloured reagent can become bound at the test line. The specificity of the bond between an antibody and antigen has made Lateral Flow and ELISA excellent tools in the qualitative detectionof specific proteins expressed in genetically modified crops Ability to have more than one detectable analyte on a single LF

ImmunoStrip® ImmunoStrip® Applications
Seed Companies GrowersGovernment Agencies Seed Quality Assurance labs Grain Handlers Crop Improvement Agencies Seed Brokers 3rd Party Testing Facilities Universities/Researchers

ImmunoStrip® ImmunoStrip® Validations
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