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Having decreed on May 29 to Araguaney 'National Tree' is this day as Arbor Day although there is a resolution of the Ministry of Education on May 15, 1951 stipulating thatcelebrate the Week of the Tree, taking as Arbor Day the last Sunday of the month of mayo.7

Originally, the holiday was celebrated Arbor as a compulsory in all schools in the country on April 10 inaccordance with the decree of Cipriano Castro in 1905. In 1909 he moved the date to May 15. Finally, for practical reasons, was established on the last Sunday of the month of May.

Many schools inCaracas celebrate Arbor Day with planting activities in the El Avila National Park. With 85,000 hectares, El Avila is the largest protected area in the outskirts of urban areas in Venezuela. It wasdeclared a national park in 1958 and has several peaks over 2,500 meters high.

The German scientist Alexander von Humboldt in 1800 was one of the earliest explorers of the mountain, which he described"subpáramos." The environmental authorities of Venezuela recognizes that the variety of flora and fauna of this mountain capital has not been studied and there is not even a full inventory of the area.The mountain is named after a Spanish governor of Caracas in the colonial era, Gabriel de Avila, who won fame in the sixteenth century by his seeding of wheat in some areas of what is now theprotected zone.

Despite its status as a national park, there are several settlements in El Avila. These are people engaged in agriculture, which were based there before they were given protectionstandards.

Likewise, the National Parks Institute has put in place in the national park system that facilitates the cooperation of private companies in reforestation programs, information for visitors andmaintenance.

It was also conducted last year, starting on May 30, Arbor Day, nearly 50 days of reforestation, involving schools, religious groups and officials from government agencies. "This...
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