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El Príncipe de Persia

En la actualidad nos hemos enfocado a muchos aspectos importantes en nuestra vida o son tantas las preocupaciones económicas, sociales y tecnológicas que no nos detenemos aver la realidad. Y es que en mi punto de vista se están perdiendo los valores.
Se nos ha tratado de transmitir mensajes de muchas maneras, pero creo no logramos comprender la importancia de lo queconlleva esto.

March 17: A baby cries as she is helped by her mother to be screened for radiation exposure before entering an evacuation center in Fukushima, northern Japan. (AP/Kyodo News).
AsU.S. Customs and Border Protection officials screen sea and air traffic form for radiation, the Federal Aviation Administration is “actively coordinating” with Japanese authorities to ensureinternational flight paths are well clear of the country´s damaged nuclear reactors.
“Out of an abundance of caution, CBP has issued field guidance reiterating its operational protocols and directing fieldpersonnel to specifically monitor maritime and air traffic form Japan,” read a statement obtained by The CPB referred to its use of “several types of radiation detection equipment in itsoperations at both air and sea ports” to assess safety risks “that are identified with inbound travelers and cargo”.
Should travelers show signs of radiation sickness, the CBP will refer them to healthauthorities for “appropriate treatment, the statement said”.
The Obama administration said Thursday that radiation leaking from the Japanese nuclear complex does not present a danger to the westernUnited States or its Pacific territories at this time.
“I want to stress this is a prudent and precautionary measure to take,” Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told a Whitehouse briefing.
The proposed 50-mile evacuation zone recommended by the U.S. is far wider than that established by Japan, which has called for a 12-mile zone and has told those within 20 miles to...
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