Artificial intelligence: advance tecnology or social threat

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Wilfredo Ivan Martel Socola


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Artificial intelligence is a recent field of technology that is changing the way people perform their activities. A.I. is avery successful field that has complemented other fields because of the great benefits which it gives to people. A.I. adapts characteristics of human problem-solving skills and then applies them as algorithms easily comprehended by computer systems. Such systems are routinely and widely used today by hospitals, corporations, militaries and homes around the world.
However, Artificial intelligence hasbecome a very controversial field due to the fear of people of being replaced by machines in their jobs. Maybe the most clear example is the auto assembly , where only robots makes the work and people have been taken to do other kind of activities but they haven’t been fired. This means that people will not make common activities that they usually did; perhaps theses changes are scaring people.Now people must only seat and control machines and of course this reacquires extra-preparation which people are not so willing to do it.
These causes were the main reason why this essay was written for clarification and report on the field. This essay is not intended to convince nor contradict the thoughts of people; it is only intended to clarify the facts from a very objective point of view.Artificial Intelligence: Advance Technology or Social Threat
Artificial intelligence is defined as intelligence exhibited by artifacts created by humans. Often it is hypothetically applied to computers. It is the ability of a device to perform the same types of functions that distinguish human thought. Therefore, some people think it's impossible to create such a complex system, but othersstruggle to model human intelligence in computational systems, and apparently are very close to get such a model that simulate human’s thought. Also, it can be said that artificial intelligence is one of the most fascinating areas and more challenging for computer science due to the complex problems scientist must solve. It’s not so easy to simulate human‘s thought due to the extends variety ofconnection we have in our brain.
There are currently two trends in the development of I.A. systems: Expert Systems and neural networks.
Expert systems attempt to reproduce human reasoning symbolically, through formulas and verbs as binary code. This system usually associates the words as a human does before taking a decision. For example: When we say: “My hat is red”. The system first separate subject,verb and complement, then, it searches in its repository each word and makes the respective comparison to find sense to the sentence.
Neural Networks use biological perspective to recreate human brain using genetic algorithms. This system consist basically of taking the best two cells of each animals and each time it evolutions takes the best two cells and creates a small populationwhere only the best ones will survive. This is how nature chooses the cells and, therefore, this system makes exactly what nature does.
Despite the complexity of both systems the results are far from a real intelligent thought. Actually machines can only solve specific functions of reasoning but the real problems are solving different activities from different areas. Even so, A.I. has been of greatimportance to human achieving important results in several field such us: Education, Health, Workforce and Aviation.
In education, Actually, The way how students are educated is changing thanks to technology. An example of this is ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System) which helps teachers to improve student’s performance. In an experiment executed in the University of Pittsburgh, an economic course...
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