Artificial Intelligence

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Essay on Artificial Intelligence
To understand a concept Necessary knowledge emerges from which
what is intelligence?
Defining what intelligence is always a subject of controversy, the definitionsof intelligence can be classified into several groups: the psychological, showing intelligence and cognitive ability, learning, and relationship, the biological, considering the adaptability to newSituations, the operational, etc. very ambiguously and slang of people who are not of intelligence science is to do stupid things. As there is no such exact and convincing definition of what isintelligence, said
John Steinbeck's "Of all the animals of creation, man is the only one who drinks without being thirsty, hungry and eats without Speaking with nothing to say."
Artificial is that itwas made by man and not by nature. Formally in 1956 coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Marvin Minsky JohnMcCarty and in Dortmund, However the study of intelligence seen as human reasoninghas been studied by philosophers over two millennia ago.
Artificial Intelligence is a science Devoted to the construction of machines that implement human-intelligence tasks with Marvin Minsky .Fact or Fiction since ancient times, writers, philosophers, scientists have devised thought things capable of artificial or unnatural life, is conocimitos, legends, tales and ideologies endlesstalking about life and artificial intelligence.
The focus on the AI has dirijido their study is to find ways to make the method of operation of a machine is equal to the natural structure that follows thehuman brain to perform its functions.

however, not forget that human beings are not only manifested racionaln intelligence but also emotional intelligence and have the ability to control theirmovements and actions.

Interestingly, as the man in his eagerness to learn, has created machines capable of performing calculations with a complexity that even senior researchers in certain branches...
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