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I. Conversation: answer the following questions

a. What is your full name?

b. What time do you get up?

c. What do you do in the evenings?

d. What do youdo at the weekends?

I. Answer the following questions according to the lecture “Michael dell’s working day”?

1. Who does Michael live with?

2. Where do Michael and his familylive ‘?

3. How many children does Michael have?

4. What does Michael like doing in his free time?

5. What time does Michael do exercises?

II. True or False,

a. MICHAELDELL makes trips to South America each year.
b. He works in a computer corporation
c. He and his family live in Africa.
d. He lives with his wife and their four children.
e. Hewatches TV in the morning.

III. Word order. Put these words in order to make sentences.

 at 5:30 am/gets up/ each day/He.
 He gets up at 5:30 each day

 He live with his’s wife

 likes/He/go/to/running.
He likes go to running

 works/in the evening/He/on/his/computer.
 He works on his computer in the evening.

 Does/He/stories/to/children/read/his?
Does he read stories to his children?

Practice 2 put these words in order to make questions.

a. Meetings what start time do the start
Whattime do the meetings start?

b. To how station do get you the
How... do you get to the station ?

c. Staurday on work do why you
Why do you work on saturday ?

d. lunch whathave you do for
What do you have for lunch ?

e. Boss does see her when she
When does she see her boss ?

f. see do you train the who on
Who do you see on the train ?

g.make presentationss where do they the
Where do they make the presentations ?

h. Relax she how the does evening in .
How does she relax in the evening?
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