Bananas outline

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Bananas Outline

I. Introduction

Bananas is the world’s favorite fruit, and banana plant is not a tree. It is the world’s biggest herb. Exist six types of bananas. The most rarely bananas are:purple skin to almost black, big and rectangular or short and chubby. They are a good source of potassium, fiber, 110 calories each, approximately 6 vitamins, and 11 minerals. They are native totropical South and Southeast Asia.

II. Types of Bananas

a). Red Bananas
1). They have a raspberry hint of flavor.
b). Burro Bananas
1). They have a tangy, almost lemony flavor.
c). ManzanoBananas
1). They have a mild strawberry-apple flavor.

III. Conclusion

Red bananas, also known as Red Dacca bananas in Australia, have a deep red or maroon rind when ripe, so is rarely. Theyare higher in vitamin C level and are softer and sweeter with a slight raspberry-banana flavor. Is used for the weight lost. In addition, is used as boost energy. So, I select the Red Banana toMarketing because is healthy and rarely in Puerto Rico. Finally, I talk with the Boos of Supermarkets to marketing the Red Banana, so everyone in Puerto Rico can taste the delicious Red Banana.


I. Introduction
Mentha is a genus of flowering plants in the family lamiaceae. The species are not clearly distinct and estimates of number of species vary from 13 to 18.

II. Types ofMint
a). Corn Mint
1). Circumboreal Distribution.
2). Is native for North America, Europa, Siberia and Asia.
b). Water Mint1). Is a perennial plant.
2). Is native for Europa except for extreme North.
c). Apple Mint
1). Is native for Southernand Western Europa.
2). Is called hierbabuena.

III. Conclusion
I choose the apple mint to market because it has many medicinal benefits. Could...
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