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Barrancabermeja - Santander

Height: 75.94 Meters
Temperature: 27.6 ° C Average
Population: 300,000 (Approx.)
Territorial Ext: 1154 Km2
Relative Humidity: 72-77%
Barrancabermeja islocated in the department of Santander, is a river port on the Magdalena River, considered the capital of the Magdalena Medio region. It is the second largest city of Santander.
Economic activity isdependent on the petroleum industry,
Hence in Barrancabermeja operates Ecopetrol company headquarters, the country's largest refinery.
If you visit Barrancabermeja will be trapped by the charm ofidyllic landscapes, sunsets dream and joy of its lively nightlife. They feel at home with warm and friendly people, plus the hotel infrastructure for all tastes, varied clubs.


It wasproposed by historian Rafael Nuñez Barranqueño Ospino.
Officially adopted as the flag of the municipality of Barrancabermeja.
Symbology of the flag: It consists of two (2) equal horizontal stripesin yellow and black, on top, the yellow symbolize wealth and black symbolizing the petroleum fields, called Black Gold.
The shield was designed by Abelardo Poveda in 1963.
The hatconquistador: Homage is made to the conquerors of this land, as Diego Hernandez Gallegos and Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada.
Hourglass: Represents the time in the history of Barrancabermeja.
Mountains and valley:Symbolizes the river valley
Piñon, around two towers: The tribute to the work and Economic activity of Barrancabermeja.
Flag red: It symbolizes the blood shed by the heroes.
Flag Yellow:Represents the riches of Colombia

Barrancabermeja is characterized by a flora climatically determined within this life zone is tropical rain forest, so most of the vegetation is forest.
It ischaracterized by trees reaching heights of up to 40 m, and sturdy trunks, other kinds of trees that can be found are of height between 25 and 40 m, with leaves that are generally medium and small, thick...
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