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Paradise is a small company born in Adelaide, South Australia. Their owners have always loved to travel and experience new tastes and flavours. During one trip to South America they fell for dulce de leche and decided to introduce it to Australia´s market. Paradise runs afactory in Adelaide where the dulce de leche is made, and distributed all along Australia.

The base of its business is to create an exclusive, high quality dulce de leche.

So, what is dulce de leche?

It is a milk-based creamy sauce/syrup, originated in Latin America, especially popular in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. In Spanish means "sweet milk" and is available as both a thicksyrup/sauce or as a candy bar. In France it can be found as a delicious spread called confiture de lait or milk jam, which is based on the similar principle of dulce de leche.

Basically dulce de leche is made by simmering whole milk and sugar for several hours while continuously stirring the mixture. As the water evaporates from the milk, the mixture thickens resulting in a golden colored,creamy and rich dulce de leche.

Although dulce de leche's flavour is very reminiscent to caramel, it is not anything like it. While caramel is made with sugar, dulce de leche is prepared by heating and continuously stirring sweetened milk until it has reduced to a thick creamy texture.

Paradise is established with the purpose of creating diverse quality products. Its corporate strategy lies onselecting the best ingredients, such as milk and sugar to produce their recipes. The company is committed to guarantee high quality flavours to everyone who chooses Paradise.

Following these guidelines, Paradise has developed a branded line of dulce de leche for the large scale market, presented as one of the top gourmet experience.

In 2010 Paradise started looking for a line of products witha different and refined touch for the gourmet market, realizing that lots of flavour could be mixed with the dulce de leche. Based on a selection of outstanding ingredients, Paradise developed an innovative and exclusive flavoured line of products featuring a balance blend of flavours.

- Classic

- Coconut

- Orange

- Mint

- Cinnamon


Market Information

Dulce de leche itself has not direct competitors, although there are similar products that could compete such as, Caramel Sauce, Nutella, Peanut Butter. These three products can be considered as the main competitors due to similar uses, such us spreading on top of bread/toast, useful for coating cakes and breakfast pancakes

Also we found thatHaagen Dazs has a special ice cream name “Dulce de Leche ice cream”, inspired by Latin America flavours.

- Caramel Sauce

Ingredients: 120g light brown sugar. 120g butter. 100 ml cream. A sticky caramel sauce that's perfect for ice cream, sponge puddings or fruit.

- Nutella (

The original form of Nutella was first created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, a patisserie maker and founder of the Ferrero Company. At the time, cocoa was in short supply due to rationing during the Second World War, which meant that cocoa beans were not really available. PietroFerrero instead mixed toasted hazelnuts with cocoa, cocoa butter and vegetable oils to create 'Pasta Gianduja'.

In 1949 Ferrero altered the original recipe so it could be easily spread on bread. This became known as 'Supercrema Gianduja'. Eventually in 1964 in recognition of the international appeal of the unique hazelnut taste, the product was re-named Nutella.

Launched in Australia...
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