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 Difference between Travel, Journey, Trip and Voyage
The word travel means 'travelling in general'.It is usually uncountable.
* My chief interest is travel.
The plural form travels is sometimes used to talk about a long tour in which several places are visited.
* I have met severalinteresting people on my travels.
* Have you read R L Stevenson's 'Travels with a Donkey'?
Journey is countable. In British English it means one piece of travelling.
* We wish you a happy journey.(NOT We wish you a happy travel.)
We use the word trip to talk about a return journey. It also refers to the activity which is the reason for the journey.
* He has gone on a business trip. (= Hehas gone on a journey and he is going to do some business.)
* 'How was your journey?' 'Awful. The train broke down.' (Here we are referring to the process or travelling.)
* ''How wasyour business trip?' 'Successful.' (Here we are referring to the purpose of travelling.)
Note that we do not normally use the word trip for expeditions which are very hard.
The word voyage refers toa long sea journey.

* -------------------------------------------------
I want a one-way (round-trip) ticket to Dallas
Quiero un boleto de ida (de ida y vuelta) a Dallas* -------------------------------------------------
I would like to reserve a flight for Chicago
Quisiera reservar un vuelo a Chicago
* -------------------------------------------------
Whenshould I confirm the flight?
¿Cuándo debería confirmar el vuelo?
* -------------------------------------------------
Is it a direct flight?
¿Es un vuelo directo?
Is there a stopover?
¿Hay una escala?
* -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
When does the...
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