Caso de burger king

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Questions for Discussion
1) Who is K’s target audience and what are its communication objectives for that audience?

-Burger King’s target audience are basicallythe young people, people who are more down to earth and have an open sense of humor. The message they are delivering is that you can have it your way.

2) Why is viral or buzz marketing effective?Analyze the design of the subservient chicken site’s message, including content, structure, and format. What can you conclude from this analysis?

-Buzz marketing is effective because it deliversawareness to the companies’ progress and it remind them to step their game up. I conclusion I guess that they were delivering their message in a very literal way by designing a site with a chicken thatyou can have it the way you want.
3) Do the TV and viral elements of the Burger King campaign work well together? What additional elements and media might CPB add to the integrated marketingcommunication campaign?

-The TV and viral elements benefit the Burger King campaing greatly but needs to show some more dignity and offer the customer a great product value since you are promoting aproduct, not a joke.
Promoting a Food Fight

When it comes to advertising, Burger King has lost its sense of direction. Macdonalds is harassing burger king when it comes tosales. Burger King went from being mcdonald’s sales rival to Wendy’s sales rival. Burger King fired its old advertising, Y&R, and switched to Crispin Porter + Bogusky to help revive BK’s sales. BuzzMarketing helped Burger King step their game up since their partners had an impressive record, even though they’re partners, there is still a sense of competition between them. By changing theslongans and putting in practice their advertising skills, Burger King changed its customers perspective by loosing up their sleaves and making the advertisement more fun but maintaining the classic and...
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