Caso John Higgins

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Case: John Higgins

How would you describe Higgins's and Prescott's attitudes toward implementing U.S.personnel policies in the Japanese operations?

The main differences between Prescott and Higgins are the attitudes concerning the implementing of U.S personnel policies in the Japanese operations. Prescott was a person that had the same aims that the U.S ways of implementing the operations,and shared the point of view that this people have instead of the Japanese. He seems to follow an ethnocentrism management approach which means that he believe that his culture is superior to follow than others. He also did not like at all the way that Higgins managed that situations that might be another explanation for his point of view or dislike to Japanese operations. Prescott had specificpolicies for the personnel and believed that he could change the Japanese culture and habits inside the company.

On other hand, Higgins attitude shared the opinion of the Japanese view, mainly against the way that the U.S implemented their personnel policies; we can understand this because Higgins was a person that have been a lot of times in Japan and can understand better their culture and theway that they behave. Higgins was more focused on to see honesty and loyalty in workplace rather leadership behavior and general competency in the workplace. He objected vigorously on the dismissal of a manager due to lacked initiative, leadership and general competency. Higgins spent a lot of time listening to the problems of the employees and he had an intimate relationship with a lot of them.He also believed that the best for the company was to adopt the Japanese culture for the company, that way the production would increase considerably.

2. What are the major reasons for the differences in attitude?

Higgins preferred to be in Japan than in the U.S. He is a person that got to understand the culture of Japanese people and the way that the y behave. He also wanted to eliminatethe bad image that the American people have in other countries as Japan. We can understand those interests since Higgins married a Japanese woman and was a very active person in the neighborhood he lived, getting to know and understand the habits of this people. Higgins has a high level of trust for the employees and he does not waste time on foreseeing every possible contingency and monitoringevery action for compliance in business relationships. He thinks like the Japanese culture that it is the best to utilize the time in investing and innovating. Higgins was known to register complaints and demands for many of the employees. He also transferred an employee that was actually fired, and said that he had done what was expected of a superior in any Japanese company by assuring asubordinate’s continued employment.

Prescott did not share this view; his objective was to take the U.S culture and policies in to the company. He had an ethnocentrism type of attitude and therefore he had always believed that the American culture is the best to be followed. However, all these characteristics and attitudes of Prescott were absolutely contradictory with those of Higgins. He thought thatHiggins was taking the Japanese culture to such level that he had lost the U.S point of view. Also Prescott believed that there were different changes happening in traditional Japanese customs and culture, and he was sure that Japanese were not tied to the cultural patterns and usual habits. For the other hand Higgins seemed to think they actually were. Then he also does not like a decentralizedapproach in decision making and he does not like employees giving suggestions about designing the management policies. He thinks that the superiors and the top level managers are the best to take these decisions and the employees need to obey them Prescott thought that introducing innovations was a real help and contribution to the company and Japanese culture.

3. If you were the Weaver...
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