Channel To The Future

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3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1.What was different when Jordan arrived home from school? He looked into the livingroom and saw a empty lace with no TV
2. What surprise did Jordan's father bring home? A new TV
3. What happened with the remote control? The button for Channel 4 doesn't work, so you have to changethe channel manually
4. Why was Jordan frustrated? Because he want to see his favourite programme but the screen went blank
5. What was strange about the football game on TV? That the game who were issuing what they had to play the next day
6. Why was Jordan impatient with his father? Because he wanted to see the end of the game
3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in yournotebook.
1. Jordan's friends didn't believe he saw the game. How did he plan to convince them? In the evening he would say the final goal before the end of the game
2. What happened at exactly 5.30? What did Jordan see next? The TV went blank. He pressed the button again a picture applaned in the screen. Jordan could see a famous rock group, Rakia, were playing in a big stage
3. What did Jordanwant to find on the Internet? He searched for entertainment news. He found a long article about the concert
4. How did the boys' reactions change as the game continued? The boys couldn't believe it. They looked at Jordan with open mouths
5. What did Jordan do after he and his friends saw the interview? Jordan took the Internet article out of his trouser pocket
3. Answer thequestions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1. What was Jordan's fantasy? Jordan began to fantasie: " I can get a mountain bike and a new Play Station. And a lot of students in my class haven't got money to buy a PC. I'll buy computers for them. And the school needs a new computer room... I can do so much with the money."
2. Why did Jordan want to buy two lottery tickets? Because they listened wellto the winning number and lacks a number of the series, he not sure if it's 35 or 25
3. Why did it take time for Jordan to arrive at the second shopping centre? Because the next shopping centre was a bit far away, and his house was closer. He ran home to get his bicycle but it had a flat tyre.
4. What did Jordan see on the news? He saw a fire in a building of Bramley, but an unsung hero warnedthe neighbors and no one was hurt
5. How did Jordan know he was the mysterious hero? Because a woman describes and realizes that he is the heroe
6. What was Jordan's plan? Traveling by train to Bramley and his friend Bruce would tell the teacher who was sick
2. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1. How did Jordan persuade the residents to leave thebuilding? He said to the neighbors: "There's a gas leak in the building"
2. Why did the two old woman finally leave the building? Because the two old women were frightened and they decided to follow everbody.
3. How did the residents discover the truth about Jordan? Because the two old women were listening to the conversation and they said: "Excuse me. Did I hear you speak about a grandson? I've gottwo beautiful granddaughters, but no grandson!
4. Why did Jordan have to be at school before 3.30? Because his mother picks up at this time
5. Why couldn't Jordan watch the Channel to the Future at 5.30? Because he went with his mother to the shopping centre
6. There was a tsunami at a holiday resort. What happened to the people? Most people can save but a few died
3. Answer thequestions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1. Why was Mrs Connelly worried about Jordan? Because he had come home from his friend Bruce and I was taking too long to arrive
2. According to Bruce, what could the boys do about the tsunami? They tried to find where the battery of Karumba group went on holiday vacation to know where would be the tsunami but did not find. Then they went to...
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