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James J Braddock lives the life of a heavyweight   boxing   championship   contender. His rise to the top of the rankings is swift and he enjoys the rewards that his abilityaffords him. A proud man, he likes to provide for his family   but in the late twenties, his fortune disappears overnight with the fortunes of many others. The great crash of 1929swallows all of Braddocks savings and he is forced into the slums of Jersey with his wife and three kids. Queing at the dock yard gates each morning in the hope of getting a rare days workshows us that Braddock is willing to do anything to feed his family. His boxing deteriorates and he ends up fighting two bit bouts for very small rewards. The boxing world hadmoved on and left the once talented Braddock behind.

A championship contenders oponent pulls out of the fight the week of the bout and this opens the door for Braddock to return tothe ring. He knows that he has been chosen as a piece of meat for the up coming fighter to knock out on his way to the top. Braddock had survived all through his career without beingknocked out and the young fighters reputation would be enhanced with this feat on his c.v. Braddock wasn't thinking about the fight, he had been promised $250.00 for the bout andthat was all that concerned him, feeding his family with his own money was all that Braddock was interested in. The fight was turned on it's head and Braddock knocked the young manout, leading to another fight and another and another. A chance at winning the heavyweight championship of the world soon beckoned and Braddock faced the cocky but effective MaxBear. The odds again were upset when Braddock took the belt from Bear in a fifteen round slug match, giving hope to all the down and outs that had followed Braddocks miracle return.
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