Consequences of the gulf explosion

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November, 2nd 2009

Consequences of the Gulf Explosion

One week ago an explosion occurred in the Gulf refinery and a lot ofproblems aroused from it, but one of these problems that will affect in the future, in terms of the environment, is that the body of waters near theaffected area will be contaminated with oil and other derivates of petroleum. These contaminated waters may as well infect the animals from thesurroundings resulting in the death of them or in the worse cases we can end poisoned by these fishes.
Related to the economy we know that CAPECO is brokesince 2001 and it will probably stay that way. But in term of the country it may result in the loss of employment for those who worked in therefinery by the closure of it. Other aspect is that the government dismissed more than 17,000 people because they don’t have enough money but they spentmore than 7 million dollars to extinguish the fire. This means that each day the government would become deeper in the red and more people will beunemployed.
If federal agencies like EPA sue CAPECO for non-fulfillment of the established regulations it could be probably that CAPECO will needto pay millions of dollars for the repair, care and clean of all the affected areas around the company. The government needs to implant newrestrictions for companies that work with dangerous substance for the environment like petroleum to operate far from the body waters or other ecosystems.
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