Control de un motor

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Motor control
A reference guide


Introduction Product family highlights Universal motor Brush DC motor Single-phase induction motor Three-phase induction motor Three-phase brushless DC motor Stepper motor Switched reluctance motor Auxiliary blocks

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High efficiency, reduced noise, extended lifetime, rapid time to market. And all atoptimum cost. This is the challenge currently facing the many industries which use electric motors. Today, the demand for electronic motor control is increasing rapidly, not only in the automotive and computer peripherals markets, but also in industrial applications and home appliances such as heating and ventilation systems, power tools, vacuum cleaners and white goods. All these mass-marketapplications need cost-effective solutions without compromising reliability. STMicroelectronics was among the first to recognize this trend and today offers a full range of components for optimizing motor control systems. Whatever motor technology you use, this reference guide will help you to make the right choice of components.

Single-chip versus multi-chip solution


ST isuniversally acknowledged as offering the most comprehensive semiconductor portfolio for applications which include:
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Discrete power switches and control ICs 100

Microcontrollers Power discretes Smart power and dedicated ICs

10 Monolithic solutions (Smart Power)


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A driver-on-chip solution is available along with multiple-IC solutions

Product family highlightsMicrocontrollers
ST supplies 8 and 16-bit microcontrollers which meet the performance requirements for controlling electric motors in various applications. The ST6 family for example, targets cost-sensitive universal and single-phase induction motor applications, where speed control can be enhanced using the ST7 MCU. The ST7 family, built around an industry standard architecture, also addressesthreephase brushless synchronous motor applications via a dedicated peripheral. The ST9’s 8/16-bit register file architecture enables efficient 4 scalar control of three-phase induction motors, while the 16-bit ST10 allows vector control. ST52 8-bit products also include a dedicated fuzzy logic core. All families and products are supported by a comprehensive range of emulators, development kits,programmers and demonstration boards, plus an integrated development environment, C compilers, and graphical design aids. FLASH, OTP, EPROM and ROM versions are available.

ST – committed to motor control

Smart Power IC building blocks
Device incorporating all necessary logic and power circuits for driving the motor Input power Driver Controller Power stage Motor Driving section Switch array Powercircuit feeding motor including level shifters and protection circuits

Logic signals Sensor Logic generates proper command pattern for power stage Linear switch mode Voltage and current electronic components level shifters (MOSFETs, BJTs, IGBTs) (gate drivers)

Power discretes
ST offers a broad selection of products for power discretes: MOSFET and IGBT transistors, thyristors, triacs and ACswitches, fast rectifiers and protection devices ranging from 1 to 50A and 30 to 1,600V. Perfectly suited to medium power motor drive applications, ST is constantly enhancing the performance of its power discretes by upgrading process capabilities and product families. ST innovations include:

breaking MOSFET performance barriers using MDmesh™ highvoltage technology and STripFETlow-voltage technology to lower Rds(on) without sacrificing switching performance embedding control features into switch with VIPower™ technology for low-voltage motors adding over-voltage protection and a separating gate circuit with the ACS™ switch, designed around 500V and 800V ASD™ technology

enhancing the IGBT family with the new strip layout PowerMesh geometry, and the Turboswitch™...
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