Cultura de iran vs estados unidos

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September 9, 2009
Iran through the Eyes of a Westerner
The tolerance and respect to the laws and religion in Iran is very peculiar because it contradicts what it ispictured to a westerner. However there are some critical arguments against how women are treated. The Islamic religion is overwhelming in the nation, and it’s perceived as conservative. The comparisonbetween the American and Iranian culture is made by a fictional Iranian-american who recently visited the streets of Tehran, Iran. The comparison is based on the attitudes influenced by religion.
Hebegins by saying that Americans are Calvinistic. Iranians are influence of its Puritan founders. The notion that hard work is naturally honest is so deeply believed that it rarely requires mention. Theeasy acceptance of limited vacations and long working hours reflects this tradition. Iranians tend to be busy, but working hours are much more flexible, midday naps persist, and a more carelessattitude to labor prevails. People work hard, but in spurts and with an eye to immediate results, not religiously in the belief in an inherent value of labor, as in the United States. To some degree thisIranian approach is based on an experience that work is poorly rewarded, and thus it need not be one's focus. A certain pessimism about materialistic success prevails, as opposed to the American optimismabout worldly prosperity.
Americans worship the future, Iranians the past. Americans are historically a young country because of its two hundred years of existence as a nation. Iran's golden ageoccurred long time ago, and, deep down, Iranians ache for that lost prestige. America's history has been an upward arc, justifying, perhaps, the belief that the future will be better than the past.Iranians have a deep historical doubt about whether tomorrow will be a better day. American culture hails being a "straight talker," looking the other person in the eye, shaking hands and meaning it....
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