Dante Infierno

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Why Do We Study Literature?
Since ancient times, literature has been always present in societies from all around the world. As people know more about literature, they cultivate more knowledge andwisdom. As personal experience, reading some stories allowed me to learn more about the way we think as persons and part of a society. Most people can relate themselves to a poem, story, or novel atsome point in their lives. This stories and poems make us open new paths to our mind and beliefs. Literature helps you to learn and then apply your learning into the real world. Specially, ancientliterature gives us a perspective of how things were in the past. There are too many reasons to mention why we study literature, but for me there are two important reasons why we do it. Literature allowsus to know our past, reflecting our actions in the present, and planning our future according to those acts, and also promotes the empathy with other human beings.
When we read ancient literature wecan see how things were actually during those times in our history. I remember in high school reading a novel called “Dona Barbara” by Romulo Gallegos, a novel from 1929, where it describes the storyabout families and civilization from some plains in Venezuela back in the 1920s. This allowed me to understand more the historic content of my nation. Literature gives us a perspective of our actionstoday, and where does our beliefs come from. In poems and novels, evidence of our past actions and beliefs can be found, and throughout history most beliefs remain the same, but actions change duringtime. Sometimes, most of the people blame their acts from things that have happened in the history, and with literature this facts from the past can be revealed. Our actions today are the result fromwhat we have learned and seen from the past. Also, literature allows us to see where are we heading in the future or at least allow us to make better choices. Future cannot be predicted, but at...
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