Desarrollo de recursos humanos en peru

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The article describes and examines how the size and type of organization influences the human resources management and how it has beendeveloped in Peru to the point of having a role in the base of organizations.
Peruvian companies have practiced human resources management in several ways, however due to the interaction with transnationalcorporations, human resource management has developed greatly in the last generation, and this depends on the company, industry and type of economy (formal or informal),
According to the reading,we can recover at the end of 1980, there was a severe economic recession, where strikes were due to continuous rise in inflation and terrorism, so the behavior and actions of companies changed fromprotect the worker, to defend the organization. early twentieth century, there were new labor laws, this was the first attempt to play the songs and avoid injustice towards workers, especially inindustrial, for example, workers had no rest in between, had to get their own supplements, which mostly was deducted from his salary, in short, there was no relationship between worker and company.
Theselaws were enacted brought down to these types of jobs and created a space for the development of trade union movements that brought about a basic appreciation of the work, and introduced the notionof profit between employer and employee, thus lowering existing tension between them. and these movements union negotiated with the companies, the benefits that workers should have from wages andhours of work, to pensions and gratuities. worker and company.
From there, the model of human resources is beginning to adapt in some companies, to help balance organizational results with potentialemployees in the organization.
In terms of human resource management, also has mucho to do economic influences, for example, at 90´s, the Peruvian economy began to change, due to investment in...
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