Desarrollo infantil

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Establishing Healthy Food
Choices for Young Children.

By: Karrie A. Kalich, Dottie Bauer, and Deirdre McPartlin
July 2009

The preschool years are a critical period for thedevelopment of food preferences and lifelong eating habits. Between the ages of 2 and 5, children become increasingly responsive to external cues, such as television commercials that use popular cartooncharacters to advertise foods, candy in supermarket checkout aisles, and fast-food restaurants offering a free toy with the purchase of a kid’s meal. These environmental messages influence children’sdecisions about what and how much they should eat. Some adults offer children healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, in a negative or coercive manner. But vegetables become less appealing ifchildren must finish them prior to having dessert or leaving the dinner table. Using a positive approach to foster healthy eating behaviors helps young children develop lifelong habits that decrease therisk of obesity and other related chronic diseases. Early childhood educators have the opportunity to improve children’s food choices because they interact with children daily. Family members andteachers can influence the food preferences of young children by providing healthy food choices, offering multiple opportunities to prepare and eat new foods, and serving as positive role models throughtheir own food choices. for this reason exist a program called the early sprout this program teach help children overcome an innate food neophobia (fear of new foods), at the same time they learn how toplant and cook healthy food.

I choose this article because its explain how young children learn healthy eating behaviors and how this help them with other skills.
the three important ideas that Ilearn from this article is

Cooking experiences connect the Early Sprouts project to other curriculum areas such as math, science, literacy, and social skills development.
they know different...
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