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(Diana and her daughter Emily)

Diana: Emily, I booked a table in this restaurant. Do you like it? Waiter!!!
Emily: Yes, it is verybeautiful
Mozo: Good afternoon ¿What can I do for you?
Diana: I booked a table
Mozo: ¿What are your names?
Diana: Miss Diana Johnson and my daughter Emily Johnson
Mozo: One moment, please.(looks for the name) Your table is the table number five.
Diana: Thank you very much.

Kelsy: Do you have a free table for us?
Mozo: What are your names, please?
Kelsy: Kelsy Rogers and she isMary Rogers
Mozo: Come with me, please. (While walking)
Kelsy: Mary, I think that I know her…
Mary: Really? Who’s she?
Kelsy: An ex companion from the university. Come on, let’s go to say helloto her. Hi! Are you…..?
Diana: Diana
Kelsy: Yes! how are you? So long.
Diana: Fine, thank you, Kel. And what do you do? Where are you working?
Kelsy: I am an English teacher and you? Whatdid you study?
Diana: I am vet. And, ¿Where do you live?
Kelsy: I am living in Los Angeles now, look I introduce you to my daughter, Mary Rogers
Diana: Nice to meet you Mary. Beautiful girl! Ihave a daughter too. Her name is Emily.
Kelsy: Are you going to eat here? , Why don’t we eat together?
Dina: O.K.! Waiter, please!!
Mozo: Ladies: here is the Menu.
Dina: Girls, what will youeat?
Mary: I want some spaghettis and an orange juice
Emily: I want a salad and an apple juice
Diana: We a coffee with milk
Mozo: Fine. In a minute!
Kelsy: Thank you!
Diana: Let’s go tothe bathroom Kelsy?
Kely: Ok
Emily: So, how old are you?
Mary: I’m ten and you?
Emily: Eleven. And where do you study?
Mery: I study inLos Angeles College
Emily: I study in Green House
Mary: What is your telephone number?
Emily: My telephone number is 77002992
Mary: ¿What do you do after class? Shall we met?
Emily: Ok....
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