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Director: Welcome, as you have been invited to this meeting to discuss three specific areas outlined in schedule.

Communication and Marketing Manager: I would start, as we all knowour company is new to the market and we must develop new strategies.

Sales Manager: From my point of view, we should expand advertising in different points of sales.

Director: I agree with both,but How would you present this strategy? José

Communication and Marketing Manager: In my view, we must make a study of market to determine our potential market.

Sales Manager: This means Joseph.That the approaches must meet with the demands of the regions of potential because the southwestern United States population is relatively low.

Director: Irina is right, because the density ofthis region is less than three people per square mile, but Where do you want to go?

Sales Manager: Create new sales outlets to make know our product throughout the U.S. to increase our customer base.Communication and Marketing Manager: I agree with Irina, to achieve this goal we must improve the advertising, offering discounts, sponsoring foundations, promoting the sport, including otherareas.

Director: I think is an excellent idea and we have the capital enough for this investment, because even though we are new to the market, our product has been sued.

Communication and MarketingManager: I agree with Luis, since our product is good and essential for the U.S. market because they are the main consumer of energy.

Sales Manager: Through what we have discussed, we can givesolution to the three areas we want to improve.

Director: Well, let's get to the point, begin to provide solutions concrete. How can we increase awareness of the company?

Communication and MarketingManager: In my opinion, through of the advertising. Here I have an innovative design describing the Product features and discounts.

Sales Manager: I would like to go through a sponsorship for...
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