Dorian Gray

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Basil Hayward was a successful artist. He had nearly finishes a portrait of a very handsome young man called Dorian Gray. One day a friend of his Lord Henry Wotton saw the picture Basil was painting and wanted to meet this young man. A few days later Lord Henry and Dorian Gray met at Basil`s house and went for a walk in the garden. "Ah, how lucky you are to be so young. There is nothing inthe world as important as youth! said Lord Henry to Dorian." But time is your enemy".
They went inside to see the portrait and Dorian looked at his own picture intensely.
I wish I could always stay young and the picture, Basil? ? ¿Por qué debe mantenerse joven, mientras yo envejezco? Me gustaría que el panorama podría cambiar, y yo podía quedarse como yo. "Dorian estaba empezando a enamorarse desu propia imagen.
A few weeks later, Dorian told Lord Henry that he was in love with an actress, called Sybil Vane. She was seventeen and very beautiful. Dorian didn't tell Sibyl his name but she called him Prince Charming. He told her that he was in love with her and he wanted to marry her. Sybil's brother was worried about her and this mysterious young man "If that man harms my sister. I'llhim, he said to a friend.
But Sybil's brother was a a sailor and had to go off to australia.
One night Dorian took his friends to see. Sybil acting as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. She acted badly and after the performance Dorian spoke to Sybil. H e saw very angry with her. But how can I pretend to be Juliet now that I know what real love is? she said to him. Doria said that he had loved herbecause she was a good actress. Now he didn't love her any more and so he left her.
When he got back home Dorian looked at his portraid again. Somehow it was different. The face in the picture now had a cruel smile. then Dorian remenber ...his wish. He realised that he had been cruel to Sybil. Tomorro he would see her and be good to her and make up for what he had done. But the news. Sybil hadkilled herself Lord Henry told him not to worry, that it would have been impossible to marry her anyways- she was just an actress. When Lord Henry left, Dorian looked at the picture of himself again. He realised that he would stay young and handsome forever and that the face in the picture would become ungly, old and cruel.
The years went by, but Dorian Gray stayed young and handsome. He enjoyedall the pleasures there were in life. However, his portrait chenged and showed all the terrible secrets of is life. Dorian became more and more obsessed with the picture as the face in it became old and ugly. On Dorian's thirty-eighth birthday, Basyl Hayward, the painter came to see Dorian and told him that he was going away to Paris. Basyl told him that people were saying rerrible things aboutDorian's Life. Dorian decided to show Basyl the portrait and to tell him his secret. Basyl was horrified when he saw the face and told Dorian to change his life.Suddenly Dorian became very angry with Basil. He took a knife... and stabbed Basil several time. the next day, Dorian got rid og the body. Nobody would ever miss Basil Hayward. They would think that he had gone to France.
Later thatnight Dorian was in a bar talking to two women. One of the women said to him. Ah, I remenber you. You're Prince Charming aren't you?
A sailor heard this. It was Sybil's brother. He realised that this was the man who had been cruel to his sister eighteen years ago. Dorian was very afraid but said that it couldn't have been him. He showed the sailor his face the face of a young man of twenty. ThenDorian went away.
"I nearly killed that boy, said the sailor Boy?" said the woman . I first met him eighteen years ago, but his face hasn't changed in all that time.
A week later Dorian was the country staying with some friends, when he realised that the sailor was following him. He became very afrid. The next day he went out walking with some of his friends who were shooting. His friend...
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