Drugs In Mexico, The Economy And National Security.

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Drugs in Mexico, the economy and National security.

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Friday march 30, 2010

AbstractThe purpose of this article is to demonstrate the main factors of why drug trafficking affects our country’s economy. This research will be based on statistics and different types of sourcesto obtain information. Remember, we are talking about drug dealers and how they affect the economy of a country. This only includes Mexico and no other parts of the world. Luís Astorga, sociologist,says that drug trafficking in Mexico is a copy from Colombia, which is false because drug trafficking began on Mexico about sixty years before Colombia. The objective of this article is to show thedifferent ways in which and Drug Trafficking affects Mexico’s economy and security.


This research was done by interviewing random people onthe street. This is considered to be field research because the interviews were done in an uncontrolled environment. The survey was applied to a wide variety of people, including teenagers to thirdage people. This was done in order to obtain the opinion of what would be considered to be the whole population of Mexico, but of course it’s just a sample. This is a very important topic because it issomething that people talk about every day. The information contained from this research can even be helpful to INEGI, which does something similar every four years, but the difference is that INEGItakes the statistics of the whole country and asks about very general topics. The hypothesis of this paper says the majority of the people will agree that drug smuggling does have an effect on theeconomy and security of Mexico.

The interviews will be based on questions from personal opinion. This means that people will answer whatever they please, they will...
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