El Alfabeto y Sus Sonidos

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Students will learn there are four extra letters in the Spanish alphabet. They will also learn that the letters in the Spanish Alphabet make different sounds than the English alphabet. Thesepresentations explain our phonics approach to learning Spanish.
Get your students attention by saying, Hola, ¿Cómo Estás? Ask your students if they know what language you were speaking, andthem how much they know about Spanish. Ask your students how they first started learning to read in English, and lead them to the answer that they learned their ABC’s. Then ask your students what theylearned after their ABC’s, and lead them to answer, the sounds that letters make. Tell them that today’s lesson is going to focus on the differences between the Spanish Alphabet, and the EnglishAlphabet and they will also be shown how they will learn the sounds that the Spanish letters make. Click on START and listen to Lily and Buzz’s presentations. During the presentations, have the studentsdirect you through the interactive exercises. DuringBuzz’s presentation, follow his direction and have your students repeat some of the words and sounds he introduces. Once you have successfulcompleted this lesson, the forward and reverse buttons will appear that will allow you to fast forward to any section of the presentation. Now review with the class the differences between the Spanish and theEnglish Alphabets. You could have the class write the Spanish alphabet or you can use the print page from lesson two, and have them circle, and say the four new letters. Close by clicking on NEXT toplay The Spanish “Alphabet Song.”
Lesson 2: Learn the Alphabet
 The Alphabet Song
 Talking Alphabet
 Learn the Alphabet
 Speed Round
 Alphabet dot-to-dot
GOAL Students will learn and beable to name the letters, and the sounds they make, in the Spanish Alphabet.
Play the “Alphabet Song” and encourage your students to sing-along after the first page. Click NEXT to go to the...
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