El poder delo simple

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fPreface _
The American Laitguage Course (ALC)is a compre he nsive, muliilevel languagc program for icaching
Énglish For vocational and professional purposes^ It is derigried primanly lor intensivaEngliih languuge
(raining in a classroom seuing, bul can eysily be . l . i p i \: fbr slawer-pacíd insirüLriiiii Ttii: ALC's ui u ¡ i h n i
has beun developcd by ihe Ocíense Language InstttutcEngli^h Longungc Ccntcr (DLIELC), whirh i^; n LIS
Deparrmenl of Defen^e íchool undcr ihc opcraiiíinal conirol of ihc US Air Forcé. The primary focus of Ihe
ALCii (üproviidea languygc curriculumforadivcrse international müiiajy population. Tothat cnd, thc
coiirne iitcludes notonly general English lopics. bul also mihlar>r tupien oí "ugcnciül natun: higlili^lilni^. Uic
lypical i . i • • i i . •••military perionnel will encuunier in iheir pmftísüirjrial and . i>tational career flelds Tlie ALC
has, hüwever, also been very successfuLly used m noü-miliiítiy Icünungcmuunmenlsandm US liigh schoolswilh immr^ram •ítudcnl
Course compon&nts
The cooidinaled insüuctionid packagcs for Book? l-30consist of the following:
* Studcm text (ST)
> Inslrutlor lexl (IT)
> Homework and evaluatioriC^CTCÍM:S bnuk]i:t (HW and EE)
> Audio recordings (tape or CDJ
> Lunguage laboraiory acliviíjes iluden! ICM (LLAST)
> 1 . . i i j u.1.' laboraloiy ytlivilies inslmclur lexf ^vilh audiu siiripr.s (LLAIT)*• Compuier-delivered iniemcüve mtiliimedia insirucüon (IMI) for Lcvds I-1V
>• Quiz kii
> Optional traJnitig aids
Inquiríes and orders
Please nddresü inquines and requesls for more infarmaitonahoul DLIELC | iih . i mis lo
2235 Andrews Avenue
LackJand Air Forcé Base, Texas 78236-5259
E-mail: LESL@lackland.af.mil
©2003 byDcfense Language Insinuie English Language Center and itslicensors, Noliceof Righls: AUrighis
reserved. No ppri of ihis book rnay be reproduced or iransmined in ¿tny fonn or by any mcuns,
mecho ni cal, pholocopying. recording, or dlhcrwisc, wiihoul...
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