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Tech Info - Glossary of Electronic Terms
With many thanks here for the original of this now much modified version. We would also suggest you look at this 6 volume series of books by Tony R Kuphaldt 'Lessons in Electric Circuits' published under the OpenBook initiative (means its free).
|AC |Alternating Current. In a time/voltage diagram, AC voltage represents asine function (usually), or just any |
| |periodically alternating function. The mains voltage is AC voltage, for example. |
|Active high / |Normally, signals are active high, which means a voltage level of 0V represents a logical 0 (LOW) and a voltage of |
|active low|above 5V represents a logical 1 (HIGH). If, for example, an IC pin is named "CS" (chip select), the chip is usually |
| |selected by pulling this line to HIGH (5V for TTL), and it gets deselected by pulling it to LOW (0V). |
|ADC |Analog-Digital Converter.|
|Ammeter |Device for measuring electric current. Usually part of a multi meter. |
|AND |Logical function which is TRUE if all inputs are TRUE. |
| |A B | A AND B|
| |-----+------- |
| |0 0 | 0|
| |0 1 | 0 |
| |1 0 | 0 |
| |1 1 | 1|
| |Examples: |
| |7408: 4 AND gates with 2 inputs each || |7409: 4 AND gates with 2 inputs each, open collector |
| |4081: 4 CMOS AND gates with 2 inputs each |
|BGA |Ball Grid Array. A type of chip package wherethe fixing method consists of a number of solder balls mounted under the|
| |chip and directly soldered onto a PCB. |
|Bread Board |Board made of pertinax or other insulating material for building prototype circuits. It contains a matrix of holes. |
||There are also types with soldering pads around the holes, these cost more but are easier to work with. |
|Buffer |Same as driver. |
|Bus |The name for a set of lines/signals fulfilling a common...
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