Elder abuse

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Elder Abuse

Financial crisis and high medical cost are leading families and caretakers to commit involuntary neglect and abuse against elders. Many cases of elder abuse reported are mostly causedby close relatives or caretakers, many times for neglect. Elders who are under the custody or cared by closed relatives or caretakers can be neglected unintentional, sometimes elders are forced tolive with families or relatives because they have limited financial income. Some don’t have an income at all to support themselves or their medical needs therefore they relay on their relatives to carefor them. Some elders will be safe if they are left alone for sometime, but many of them require intensive care and supervision at all times. Relatives may feel pressured to overwork and leave theseelders alone for long periods of times to be able to provide an income to support not only these elders, but also to support their own families and necessities. With the financial crisis today familiesare struggling to keep up with their daily expenditures and although there are options to consider such as skills nursing facilities(nursing homes), adult day health, assisted living, or perhaps apersonal care attendants, the cost of these options are extremely expensive to afford.

According to the MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs, the average cost in 2009 of aprivate bed in a nursing home facility is $219.00 per day, which computes to over $79,000 per year. For those elders who are in semi-private room, the average cost is $191.00 per day, $70,000annually (ehow/average-cost-nursing-home). Nursing home facility can be consider for elders who can no longer live on their own, families are no longer able to provide the proper medical care that the elderneeds besides many others. These facilities are to provide the highest level of care 24 hours a day, other medical professionals such as Physical and Occupational therapist are also available...
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